Communities & Administration Relationship Management

Native Casa consultancy and the Salesforce Cloud platform are the backbone structure to build or reform your communities. Its implementation works to provide the insights needed in an organization by collecting trustworthy and useful data at your fingertips ready for execution. Our purpose is to connect, learn,share, grow, trust, experience, and community openness to innovation.

Types of K-12 Communities

If your organization has a great Hispanic population and other communities that need services regardless of language or culture we custom-design solutions for you.

  • Spanish Speaking Community 
  • English & Spanish Mix Community
  • Parent/Guardian Communities 
  • Teachers Clubs
  • Staff Clubs
  • Special Ed
  • Academic Clubs 
  • Athletics
  • Artistic
  • Custom Communities 


Phase I For K-12 & All Industries 

With cutting-edge technology Native Casa implements customized apps, with your team's collaboration we focus our attention to clarify all possible complexities and work towards your organization's solutions.